50 Year Certificate for Graham

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In 1973, after discovering a masonic document relating to his Grandfather, a young Graham Ballinger took his first steps in Freemasonry by knocking on his neighbours front door and asking him if he could join his Lodge.

Fast forward to May 2023 and 60 members and visitors gathered together at Victoria House, in Leamington Spa, for a special meeting of Guy’s Lodge 395 to mark the occasion and be entertained by Graham’s ‘this is your life’ evening presented by the Past Provincial Deputy Grand Master, VW Bro Peter Manning. Graham and Peter have known each other for more year’s that either will admit so the banter was strong and the wit even stronger. Graham talked eloquently about his life with Peter nudging the conversation from time to time towards Graham’s masonic career. Graham has been, and continues to be, a great influence in Guy’s Lodge 395 and in recent years has taken on he mantle of chairman for the masonic rooms at Victoria House which were originally purchased by Guy’s Lodge in 1889.

Looking round the full lodge room, Graham explained that during the 1970 and 80’s a full room was the norm with 60 or 70 masons regularly attending each meeting.  This meant long waiting times to join the lodge and a slow but purposeful progression through the lodge offices until eventually becoming Worshipful Master. Graham first became Master of the lodge in 1988 and was privileged to again take the office in 1998 and 2005.

Champagne and canapés were followed by a sumptuous festive board after the lodge meeting with everyone agreeing they had indeed made a daily advancement in masonic knowledge.