Henry Jephson

Dr Henry Jephson

One of the Lodges prominent founders was Dr Henry Jephson, a renowned Physician, after whom the town’s Jephson Gardens are named

The petition seeking authority from Grand Lodge for the formation of Guy’s Lodge was dispatched by Royal Mail coach from Leamington Spa late in an afternoon of January 1829.  The petition was duly forwarded to Kensington Palace, residence of the His Royal Highness, The Duke of Sussex, then the Most Worshipful Grand Master.  On the 14th February 1829 is was duly endorsed ‘granted’.

The first regular lodge meeting was then held on 18th November 1829 with Nicholas Lee Torre occupying the chair of the Worshipful Master.  The Warrant was then read to the Brethren by the Secretary, Samuel Lea.  This inaugural meeting was held at the Bedford Hotel, now the site of the HSBC Bank on the Parade.  The Lodge met here for the next eights years.  After that the Lodge met at various locations: The Crown Hotel (High Street), the Bath Hotel (Bath Street), the Public Hall (Windsor Street), finally making the move to Victoria House in 1889.

At that time Victoria House belonged to Jonathan Fell, a member of Guy’s Lodge, who was prepared to sell it to the Lodge for the purposes of Freemasonry. The price of £800 plus £700, for further alterations, decorating and furnishings, was raised by the Victoria House Syndicate.  Brethren of Guy’s Lodge, 27 in total, formed the syndicate which issued 159 shares at £5 each, the balance was mortgaged.

Another prominent founder was Dr Henry Jephson, a renowned Physician, after whom the town’s Jephson Gardens are named.

Guy’s Lodge early progress was slow but as the only Lodge in the town it attracted members from local business and professional firms, which enable it to prosper and grow. A glance through the list of Past Masters gives a glimpse of many of the famous names who helped build Leamington Spa.

Guy’s was the only Lodge to meet at Victoria House until after the Second World War after which it was opened up to a number of  new Lodges with the formation of Masonic Rooms (Leamington Spa) Ltd. Today a number of Craft Lodges and other Masonic orders meet at Victoria House.

As one of the older Lodges in the area it has, over the years, sponsored many new Lodges locally. The first in 1849 was The Lodge of Unity No 567, which meets at Alderson House in Warwick. Since then it is either the mother Lodge of, or the Grandmother Lodge of another seven local Lodges.

Since its inception the Masters of Guy’s Lodge have contributed to the well being of the town, particularly in the early years. Guy’s Gavel was used on a number of recorded public occasions for the ceremonial laying of various foundation stones, and as such takes pride of place in the Lodge archives.

The history and tradition of Guy’s Lodge is the envy of many Lodges and is a significant factor in attracting new recruits. Our archive store has a wealth of items tracing our progress over nearly 200 years. Members today come from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups which has enabled the Lodge to widen its appeal and thereby continue to be well supported. We regularly have 35 to 40 attendees at our monthly meetings.

Guy’s Lodge 395
Royal leamington Spa

Past Masters

The Lodge has been served by a line of dedicated Worshipful Masters, from its inception in 1829. 
In memory of their service to the lodge their names of the Worshipful Masters are listed here:

Sir Nicholas Lee Torre

Sir Nicholas Lee Torre

The first regular lodge meeting was held on 18th November 1829 with Nicholas Lee Torre occupying the chair of the Worshipful Master

Past Masters of Guy's Lodge 395

1829 Nicholas Lee Torre
1830 Nicholas Lee Torre
1831 Nicholas Lee Torre
1832 Nicholas Lee Torre
1833 Henry Jephson
1834 Nicholas Lee Torre
1835 Nicholas Lee Torre
1836 Abiathar Hawkes
1837 William Green
1838 William Green
1839 William Adams
1840 William Green
1841 William Barnwell
1842 Joseph Flecknoe
1843 George Christopher Liebenrood
1844 John Edgerton
1845 Richard Croydon
1846 William Watkin
1847 William Shirley Roby
1848 George Russell
1849 John Robert Brutton
1850 James Blunn
1851 Joseph Stanley
1852 Francis Sard
1853 Henry Hackforth
1854 Joseph Bell
1855 William Overell
1856 William Russell
1857 Joseph Glover
1858 Joseph Glover
1859 Henry Brown
1860 Henry Mulliner
1861 Richard Eve
1862 Joseph Stanley
1863 Charles Layton
1864 John Watkin
1865 William Harding
1866 John Edwards
1867 William Haynes
1868 Edwin Brown
1869 Edwin Brown
1870 James Aubrey
1871 Edward Bollans
1872 Henry Poole
1873 Charles F Crich
1874 John Cundall
1875 Herbert Stanley
1876 William Green
1877 Joseph Morris
1878 Nathaniel Merridew
1879 Robert Davidson
1880 Thomas Simmons
1881 Charles I Blaker
1882 John E Stanley
1883 John Peter Beck
1884 Robert Stephen Whitehouse
1885 George Metcalf Fayerman
1886 George Metcalf Fayerman
1887 William Henry Skinner
1888 Josephus Teague Barrett
1889 Henry David Morin
1890 Philip Edward Shepheard
1891 Major Frank Glover
1892 William Edward Pengelly
1893 Charles William Herbert Smartt
1894 Arthur Thomas Spiers
1895 Samuel Henry Smith
1896 Albert Edward Overellk
1897 John Thomas Whitek
1898 Henry William Sprengler
1899 Albert Edward Gibbs
1900 Reverend John Pugh Granstoun
1901 James William Lamploughy
1902 James Frederick Burgisds
1903 William Russell Archer
1904 Harry Hutton
1905 Miles Christopher Atkinsonr
1906 Arthur Philip Cohen
1907 Frederick James Land
1908 Arthur Watkin
1909 Edgar John Hall
1910 William James Glover
1911 Henry Englebert Hake
1912 Alfred Alexander Bell Wilson
1913 John Hobson
1914 Stephen Mellows
1915 Frederick A Chandler
1916 George Orton Fathers
1917 William Edward Smith
1918 Henry Crane Parry
1919 Charles Edward Wildman
1920 Arthur Dormer Pratt
1921 Frederick William Francis
1922 Charles Davis
1923 William Henry Stampe
1924 Henry John Dawson
1925 Kelynge Robert England
1926 William Sydney Spicer
1927 William Lockwood Nundy
1928 Hubert George Bishop

1929 Robert Moffat
1930 E B Stillwell
1931 W T Crane
1932 W E Owen
1933 A Brecknell
1934 G Bradford
1935 H C Newton
1936 Rev J E T Hughes
1937 F W Robertson
1938 H M Harris
1939 C Mason
1940 B V Bishop
1941 F A Jenkins
1942 H C Burgis
1943 A H Cross
1944 G A Mansill
1945 T W Hand
1946 R T Knight
1947 G Purcell
1948 G E Stowe
1949 E A Baxter
1950 C H Webb
1951 C E Bailey
1952 G A L Bradford
1953 F McBeath
1954 A E Hale
1955 H G Baker
1956 Rev C H Gleave
1957 W E Roberts
1958 L T Colds
1959 W H Lewis
1960 D Campbell
1961 F A Moorman
1962 H Fedeski
1963 H E Bray
1964 P C Pullin
1965 R Wagstaff
1966 G M Southorn
1967 C A Butt
1968 Alex G Robbins
1969 J Taylor
1970 Elemer G Cranmer
1971 G B Hayward
1972 Richard J Spriggs
1973 S Foxon
1974 M R A Jarvis
1975 Chris F Pinder
1976 F J Stimpson
1977 Ron F Hughes
1978 D Thorburn
1979 Jim A Dawson
1980 John Turner
1981 John H Williams
1982 Ian Thorburn
1983 John L Blair
1984 C Peter Stevens
1985 Don F Jones
1986 Jim A Buckle
1987 Gordon M P Bullock
1988 A Graham Ballinger
1989 Gordon A North
1990 Don M McPhail
1991 D Roger Mann
1992 Brian Clarke
1993 Barry Frith
1994 Brian Ballinger
1995 Terry Arnold
1996 David J Brocklebank
1997 Herbert Gordon Capstick
1998 A Graham Ballinger
1999 John Salt
2000 Brian P Massen
2001 John Foley
2002 Robert Reynolds
2003 Dennis Fisher
2004 Terry Arnold
2005 A Graham Ballinger
2006 Robert Paul Burtonshaw
2007 Colin Lovegrove
2008 Robert D Reynolds
2009 Dennis J Fisher
2011 Peter M Robbins
2012 Phillip A Robbins
2013 Simon C Baldwin
2014 Colin W Baldwin
2015 Antony Shannon
2016 Richard Davies
2017 David Rose
2018 Roy Dixon
2019 Steve Campton
2020 Simon Barnes
2021 Simon Barnes
2022 Simon Barnes
2023 Jason Healey
2024 Russell White